Pay whatever you want for nine courses that can turn you into a real game developer

It may all seem like fun, but game developers don't have it easy. In addition to trying to infuse next-level creativity into the hard-and-fast rigors of coding and unforgiving tech, they're also trying to keep an eye on innovations that could change the whole development arena as we know it.

It wasn't all that long ago that 2D gaming — with its clearer, more defined movements and actions — was the way toward building a great game. Now, that's expanded to 3D game design, featuring a much broader range of options and ultimately, more work for a creator. And now, virtual reality is sneaking into the discussion as well — and soon, it could signal another huge shift in how games are created.

If that sounds like a lot, that's because it is. But with the training in the Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle, students can quickly start getting a handle on how triple-A video game titles are crafted today, as well as some of the skills that may be just on the horizon for this always evolving discipline. Best of all, this collection of valuable instruction is available at exactly the price each user wants to pay for the privilege. 

By offering any price total at all, a buyer will get introductory training into the world of video game creation. First, courses like Intro to Mobile Game Development set the stage, explaining fundamental techniques for creating mobile games in the popular Unity game engine. Or Create Your First 2D Game in Unity, which lives up to its title by guiding students in assembling their first portfolio-worthy game in Unity, complete with level building, gameplay governance, UI tasks, and more.

But that's just the tip of the gamer iceberg, so if a shopper instead meets the average price paid by other interested buyers, they receive the full training collection. That unlocks courses like goal-driving lessons in creating an augmented reality block building game, making a 2D idle clicker game, and building a mobile road crossing game. There's also an in-depth course in learning the Python coding language, a key skill that applies to top-shelf game design as well as other valuable 2021 programming skills. 

Each course in this Hardcore Game Developer Certification Bundle is a $199 value, but as part of this collection, you'll score all nine courses for a fraction of the cost it would usually take to enroll in one.

Prices subject to change.