The secret compartment in this $150 duffle bag lets you safely store your suits

After a year of lockdowns and limited travel, it looks like the skyways could soon be opening up in a very big way. Indicators show travel volume has started to ramp back up at a significant pace in recent weeks, with key airports like McCarran International in Las Vegas reporting air traffic up 60 percent in March.

So if you're a business road warrior, it might be time to start prepping for your next big trip. Of course, nobody wants to go through the hassle of checking bags — and if you want to travel light, that doesn't always work well when packing items like business suits. However, this Carry On Duffle Bag with an integrated suiter from Genius Pack might be the perfect compromise for business travelers who want travel convenience while still looking sharp.

The bag itself is a road-ready companion from the jump, a sleek, two-toned matte black duffle with a removable padded shoulder strap and weighing in at just over 2 lbs. for making those sprints across the terminal a whole lot easier. But the true magic of this bag appears when it's fully unfurled, showing off a wide range of compartments and features that would make Batman's utility belt seem inadequate. 

The interior category compartments are crafted for think-free packing with their own permanent checklist included. The built-in laundry compression technology compresses dress shirts and other contents to a minimum, so there's always space for the rest of your items. Integrate a portable mobile charger and you can recharge your phone or tablet right from the bag. And there's even a micro travel umbrella packed into the exterior, which can come in handy at a moment's notice if the rain starts falling.

But the coolest feature of this bag is the hidden bottom cavity for the most essential of travel items: the business suit. The unique design of the duffle conceals the compartment until you unzip the bottom of the bag to reveal the tri-fold garment suiter made for packing hanging clothes. This is how you travel without all your important business wear turning into a rumpled mess.

Regularly priced at $198, you can now save almost a quarter off the Genius Pack Carry On Duffle Bag, on sale for just $149.99.

Prices subject to change.