Learn valuable IT skills for Linux with this 7-course package for just $20

Microsoft has Windows. Apple has Mac OS. Between them, they're the operating systems running 92 percent of the computers in the world. And they were created, developed, owned, and sold as proprietary software by those two companies for use on their particular machines.

Linux? Linux is the very definition of a free agent. A versatile, easy-to-understand, open-source system that's been constantly modified and improved over the past 30 years, Linux is the operating system serious programs use when they don't want to face the owned-and-operated pitfalls of Microsoft or Apple. 

And Linux is a beast in its own right, with staunch security measures, high stability, vast customization options, and did we mention it's free? With the training in The Mastering Linux Development Bundle, users are introduced to everything they need to know to use and build through Linux, including some of the most popular tools that make it such an unassuming powerhouse with in-the-know tech creators.

This collection of 7 courses filled with more than 34 hours of instruction examines Linux from top to bottom, particularly exploring Linux's widespread use in directing many company's cloud operations. Users can start things off with Linux Basics for Beginners, a newbie-friendly deep dive into the commands and tools at the heart of a Linux system. The course guides new users in how to build their first Linux OS and run it, all while instilling a foundational knowledge in how Linux works and how to use it.

Meanwhile, the remaining courses hone in on other critical Linux fields, including learning Linux Command Line basics, how to write scripts to automate repetitive tasks, how to become a Secure Shell master user, and how to use VirtualBox to build and operate a working Linux system, all while running on a Windows computer.

Finally, the collection closes with a pair of courses on Kali Linux, a desktop environment based on security and penetration testing with penetration testers, ethical hackers, security analysts, security administrators, and more creating their own pentesting tools and sharpening their security skills.

With this offer, you can get all seven courses in The Mastering Linux Development Bundle for less than $3 each, or just $20.00 in total.

Prices subject to change.