This $80 portable instant photo printer will be an instant hit at your next party

Not too many years ago, just about every home had a basic printer for handling a variety of household projects from protecting major documents to printing reports or information from the web. More upscale households even had laser printers or photo quality printers for creating high-end images that were virtually indistinguishable from photographs.

That's not the case anymore. In our overwhelmingly digital world, there doesn't always seem to be much of a place for the old printer these days, driving an annual downward turn for the entire printing industry in recent years. 

While it's strange to think printer-phobic millennials could ultimately save print projects, the HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer is made for teens and young adults who want to get creative with their pictures and put 'em…well, basically everywhere.

The Sprocket is handheld and not much bigger in size or weight than a smartphone, which makes this socially portable printer an easy on-the-go device to slip into a pocket or backpack. But within seconds, the Sprocket links via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, standing ready to print cool 2×3-inch sticky-backed photos of anything you want to immortalize forever.

And these aren't just boring prints of your photos. In classic digital style, each photo a user takes (or images from social media) is available through the HP Sprocket app to can go through a complete editing makeover, including fun text, borders, emojis, and more. Users can add their own pop of personality to snapshots and stickers that make each creation uniquely their own, making the Sprocket a serious hit for parties and other get-togethers. 

The Sprocket holds up to 10 original HP Zink sticky-backed photo sheets at a time, each offering a bright, glossy photo with vibrant colors and quick peel-off backings to turn photos into instant stickers. The device even allows multiple devices to all connect, so an entire group of friends can print at the same time.

Right now, you can pick up a Sprocket to become the centerpiece of your next group outing for only $79.99.

Prices subject to change.