This bladeless fan delivers smooth airflow that's as cool as the fan itself

In your eternal search to cool up your home — both figuratively and literally — a bladeless fan might be a great investment as the summer months start rolling into view. For efficiency, new power-saving bladeless fans help cool a space without being forced to pay the cost of using the air conditioner to chill out the entire house.

And rather than some ancient box fan that sounds like you're launching F-14s off an aircraft carrier, most bladeless fans are much quieter and look almost more like modern art than a typical home appliance. This Smart Leafless Fan from Mesay gets all the cool points for a slick appearance, but most users will end up being far more impressed with its rock-solid room-cooling abilities instead.

Whether it's stationed in the living room or your home office, this bladeless fan delivers smoother airflow. Unlike the choppy old fan blades inelegantly hacking up the air, this fan serves a steady breeze without all that unpleasant on-off gush. Plus, it sports an 80° oscillating design that lets this fan circulate air throughout the room to help cool your environment faster. 

Consuming half the energy of a conventional fan, this model isn't actually leafless — it just has smaller blades hidden inside, which need less power to rotate while saving users money. Just over two feet high, this fan strikes a unique presence in any room, and between its varied settings and oscillation, can help cool a space up to 60 square feet effectively.

Safe for children and pets, it's also ultra-responsive with a handy remote control that adjusts the fan's speed and other settings even from across the room. Meanwhile, you can also set this fan to run to your designated schedule with the 8-hour timer, allowing you to decide exactly when you want this fan to set off. 

The Smart Leafless Fan from Mesay retails at $249, but you can get one now at nearly $70 off, down to just $182.95.

Prices subject to change.