UK election official turns own car into polling station after person responsible for opening venue oversleeps

Britons are headed to the polls today to vote in local elections, but one polling place in Oxford was locked when workers turned up in the morning. An election official improvised, however, setting up a polling station in the trunk of his car and making do. Local voter Toby Porter snapped a shot of the impromptu democracy and posted it to Twitter.

"The church warden has overslept apparently so just cast my vote in a car," Porter wrote.

This is, apparently, standard procedure in English elections when church wardens oversleep.

Laura Lock, deputy chief executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, said some polling stations in cars were seen at every election.

"All polling station staff are trained on how to set up temporary polling stations for cases just like this," she said. "Unfortunately we do find keyholders oversleeping, so every election we see a handful of polling stations in cars until access to the building can be sorted."