Pay what you want to learn Python and AI in this 15 volume eBook mega-set

When you need to know an answer to a coding problem, there's nothing like a reliable reference library to feed you the information you need. Sure, most people just start Googling these days, but if you aren't 100 percent sure about the information you're getting online, especially about something as idiosyncratic as programming, can you really trust it? 

Instead, having access to a stack of top-notch instruction texts can be invaluable as you try to settle on an answer to your dilemma. You can build out that reference shelf in one fell swoop — without filling space in your bookcase — with this enormous Complete AI and Python Development eBook Bundle, and the collection is available for exactly the price you want to pay for it.

Python is one of the fastest-growing — and most wide-reaching — coding disciplines in use today. In this library of 15 eBooks, learners can not only pick up the basics of Python coding but also one of Python's most exciting applications, its central role in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

By offering any total at all, shoppers will immediately get access to three of the books in this collection: Python 3 for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century. That's a decent little sub-set of learning in itself, including almost 1,500 pages on the basics of Python 3 programming concepts related to thinking machines, insights on AI development, and even a companion DVD with resources, simulations, and figures from the books.

That's just the start of the learning, however. So by beating the average total paid by the other buyers of this collection, you'll unlock the other 12 books featuring an additional wealth of Python and AI learning. From problem-solving to game development to using tools like TensorFlow, NumPy, and Pandas, this is an all-encompassing treasury to learn anything and everything about Python and AI you need to know.

In all, The Complete AI and Python Development eBook Bundle contains 15 books and almost 5,000 pages of material, a package valued at over $550 and on sale here for a whole lot less

Prices subject to change.