Death by firing squad could soon be possible in South Carolina

States are finding it increasingly difficult to get drugs used for lethal injection executions, mostly because pharmaceutical companies feel that their brands are more for curing and are less interested in being seen as a part of the killing. So, what is a state to do when they want to execute their murderers? Well, South Carolina wants to add firing squad to the list of options a death row inmate can choose for their own demise–electric chair is the other option. Firing squad executions are currently used in Oklahoma, Utah, Mississippi, China, The United Arab Emirates and North Korea. There are some interesting through-lines in all of those places if you consider it.

via AP:

South Carolina can't put anyone to death now because its supply of lethal-injection drugs expired and it has not been able to buy any more. Currently, inmates can choose between the electric chair and lethal injection. Since the drugs are not available, they choose injection.

The bill retains lethal injection as the primary method of execution if the state has the drugs, but requires prison officials to use the electric chair or firing squad if it doesn't.

Republican lawmakers, including Gov. Henry McMaster support the bill that will be voted on next week and most assuredly adopted into law in South Carolina. South Carolina is among 23 other states that still have the death penalty. Capital punishment has been abolished altogether in 11 states over the past 16 years and the governors of California, Oregon and Pennsylvania have declared moratoriums on the death penalty as a lot of the country has begun to move away from the practice. Why? Mostly, the moral cost of wrongful convictions is devastating, the economic cost of trying an accused outpaces housing an inmate for life, and the death penalty has never proved to have an impact on lessening the murder rate. Also, a study by the University of Minnesota found that only 2.5% of families of a victim found any closure as the result of the accused murderer being put to death. But as disgraced President Trump increased executions during his one term, South Carolina is also trying to make America "great" again and open the door to shoot their death row inmates in the heart for alleged crimes.