Enjoy the outdoors this summer with these insect and mosquito repellents

Look…almost nobody really wants to kill anything. Even an insect. But bugs…well, bugs don't really give you much choice, do they?

And if it was just the annoyance of the buzzing or the swarming or the landing and crawling on you…that would be one thing. But with the bites and stings? The days and days of itching and welts and other bad reactions when those pests sink in for a bite of you…it's all pretty unpleasant. 

So with those conditions in play, we say the use of deadly force in retaliation against your backyard BBQs and get-togethers is 100 percent authorized. Right now, you can check out this collection of insect and mosquito repellants and zappers that can help your summer events a lot less irritating.

Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band – $16.99; originally $39

It might just look like a watch…but it's actually a ultrasonic warning that tells mosquitoes to take a hike. This non-toxic, waterproof band emits a high frequency sound of the male mosquito, which is usually enough to send up to 70 percent of biting female mosquitoes heading for the hills. From gardening or jogging to getting out in the outdoors fishing or hiking, the Super Shield has indoor, outdoor and silent modes to provide the most pest protection possible.

3-in-1 Waterproof Bug Zapper Lantern – $19.99; originally $49

Sure, it works as a camping lantern or a handy flashlight. But this device's primary mission is zapping a whole lotta bugs, either indoors or out. With a peppy 1,800mAh battery inside capable of running up to 16 hours, this lantern draws in the insect, then ends them, throwing out a 16-by-16-foot bug-free zone throughout your area.

Bug Bite Thing Insect Bite/Sting Relief Suction Tool: 2-Pack – $12.99 after code BUGBITE6; originally $19

It's Amazon's no. 1 best-selling treatment for insect bites — and it isn't a cream and doesn't involve any chemicals. Just press this easy-to-use suction tool on top of a big bite and let the suction pull the irritating saliva or venom right out of your skin. Bites and stings start to heal immediately, alleviating pain and itching because the painful residue is no longer there.

You can save $6.96 off your Bug Bite Thing by using the code BUGBITE6 during checkout.

Mosquito Killer Lamp – $29.95; originally $39

The Moskiller doesn't mess around. This brutally efficient lamp slays without chemicals or any harmful substances. The LED lights and bionic temperature attract mosquitoes, the fan vortex sucks them inside, airflow sucks them down, then the anti-escape mosquito storage box at the bottom holds them while the air-drying method finishes them off. 

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 4-Pack – $38.99; originally $84

Sometimes pests mean more than just insects. Plug in this device either inside or outside and your home, warehouse, office, yard or other space up to 1,600 sq. ft. will be bathed in a combination of optical, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic waves. That's enough to push insects, mosquitoes, and even bigger menaces like rats, bats, and even squirrels away.

Bye Bye Bug Repeller Plug – $19.99; originally $49

Here's another way to rid your space of insects and pests. Once it's plugged in, this environmentally friendly device emits a high-frequency anti-inhibitor field that works wonders. Within 24 to 48 hours, this repellant can clear an area up to 10 sq. feet — and with a handful of these emitters, you can throw a bug-free net across your entire home.

Zap It! Electric Bug Zapping Rackets (2-Pack) – $35.99; originally $39

It's the deadliest game…for flying pests. Use 'em like you're playing badminton with bugs — let the blue light attract them in, push the button, and the racket becomes an activated 4,000-volt grid that'll fry any winged pest dead instantly. Rechargeable via USB, each of these rackets can serve up to 10,000 bug-decimating zaps on a single charge.

Zap It! Electric Indoor Bug Zapper – $29.99; originally $39

The bugs can't resist this UV light, but when they venture too close to the powerful 2,800-volt metal grid…well, that's all she wrote. This zapper is encased in a flame retardant housing to make it completely safe, even if you want to use it indoors. Plus, there's a convenient big collection tray to gather up the remains of all those bugs so they don't litter your table or counter.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Lamp – $21.95; originally $49

This lamp employs a unique, photocatalyst design that unleashes ultrasonics on the hearing and nervous system of insects and even mice to make them feel queasy and want to leave. It's safe for both humans and pets, is small and lightweight enough to fit almost anywhere, and all you have to do is plug it in to clear any room of pests and vermin.

LED Mosquito Repellent Light – $52.95; originally $69

This innovative, yet sleek little device mimics human bionic technology, simulating human breath and heat to attract mosquitoes and other insects to their death. It doesn't use any toxic chemicals, covers an area of almost 500 sq. ft., and doesn't leave a mess either, making it a brilliantly effective insect killing machine.

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp – $54.95; originally $69

This lamp unfurls a handful of features that no pest is ever going to like. It starts with UV and LED lights for attracting mosquitoes, house flies and more. Then the vortex structure produces a strong enough pull to yank the insect inside, where they quickly dehydrate in the air-drying death chamber. The entire lamp uses hardly any power and it clears a space up to 430 sq. ft.

Prices are subject to change.