Michael Steele on the Republican party: "My, how the mighty have fallen"

When former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele was asked on MSNBC's The Sunday Show what he thought of the new Trumpist GOP (aka GQP) – after showing the audience a clip of Lindsey Graham last week saying the Republican party can't grow without Trump – Steele didn't hold back.

"My, how the mighty have fallen and sunken to the lowest of lows that Donald Trump is your savior," Steele, one of the few old-school Republicans still standing, said on Sunday. "The reality of it is, Donald Trump five years ago was someone that everyone was like, 'Why is he here?' And now they're kicking everyone else out of the room because he is here."

"It speaks of desperation," Steele continued. "Desperation of leadership, desperation for ideas, desperation for a way to move the country forward and embrace its diversity. That's what Liz Cheney is trying, has been trying to tell them. … The thing they're offering, voter's don't want. They rejected that. And the test is going to be how that plays out in these elections at the congressional level and the legislative level next year."

Finally, he gives his best line of all, when asked if he is still a Republican. "Yes I am, and you know why? 'Cause it just pisses them off."