GOP's Michael Steele on how to gag Donald Trump: "Put his a** in jail!" (video)

Donald Trump continues to use social media to aggressively attack the judges, attorneys, and other officials involved in his many court cases — gag orders be damned. And nothing will stop him — well, actually, there is one thing that would silence Trump, a solution that former RNC Chair Michael Steele mentioned over the weekend.

"It's enormously dangerous. I am shocked that we have allowed this to get this far," Steele said about the MAGA leader's constant violent rhetoric. "I'm just going to use my best analysis I can give you at this point of this situation with Trump and his attacks on the judges." And Steele's analytical solution?

"Put his ass in jail!" Steele told MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin on MSNBC. "That's how you end it. That's how it stops." Amen. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)