Brilliant is the fun, hands-on math and science training you always wished you'd had

There are so many ways a math or science education can go horribly sideways. With subjects that require such intricate learning techniques to understand things correctly, all it takes is one false move for a student to be thrown off track only to find themselves hopelessly lost.

Loads of young professionals who had bad experiences with math and science in their youth moved into business or finance or the arts. Yet, many have a nagging sense that if they knew more math or science or even computer science, that knowledge could propel them both professionally and personally.

Brilliant agrees. They understand that most learning comes down to how knowledge is presented. That's why their platform is tailored to professionals and students who want to build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science through more than dry lecture videos, but through fun and challenging interactive explorations and problem-solving.

Just a little hands-on time with Brilliant will prove it's up to the challenge of making these STEM subjects both enlightening and enjoyable. With more than 60 courses designed for ages 10 to 110, the learning reaches out to students at their level, starting with fundamentals, before escalating to intermediate and even advanced coursework. 

Brilliant training comes from the minds of award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals from hotbeds like MIT, Caltech, Duke, Microsoft, Google, and more. Students build confidence through actual hands-on examples, with loads of visually based lessons that let learners really interact with the ideas they're studying. 

With fun storytelling, bite-sized lessons, and guided problem solving, Brilliant lowers the temperature of math and science instruction, allowing for engagement and joy without the usual stress and anxiety of test-based learning. For example, students move around shapes in real time to master the fundamentals of Geometry, shine lasers through mazes of mirrors to grasp Optics, and take randomized surveys of simulated citizens to learn Statistics.. 

Meanwhile, the Computer Science Fundamentals course follows everyday folks like librarians, cooks and politicians and shows how computer science problem-solving tactics play a part in what they do every day.

Brilliant is free to try and a perfect way to set a goal of math or science mastery that's both reachable and attainable. And right now, you can even save a few bucks off full Brilliant access by being one of the first 200 sign-ups with this link to earn 20 percent off the annual subscription price.

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