This brewer and grinder can prep K-Cup and ground coffee in 3 minutes

For many, the morning doesn't officially start until the first robust juices of the simple coffee bean touch their lips and activate their day. Considering not much else matters until that magic moment arrives, it makes sense coffee lovers should outfit themselves with a machine to make that first cup-of-the-day joy happen as fast as humanly possible.

With this Single-Serve Coffee Maker and accompanying coffee grinder bundle from Sboly, the answer is actually about 3 minutes away. Or sometimes, even less.

Whether you're an old-school coffee drinker or all about the convenience of new technologies, this single-serve unit has you covered. Not only is it engineered to expertly brew a fresh cup from traditional coffee grounds, but this maker is also perfectly at home brewing from a standard-sized K-cup cartridge.

Either way, this durable and compactly designed brewer has a simple side button to shift easily between the two brewing styles, with a quick brewing feature that puts a 170-degree piping hot cup of Joe in your mug in 180 seconds or less.

An Amazon's Choice selection sporting a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from reviewers, this unit has a unique staircase water tank design, which lets users visibly see the water levels inside to quickly adjust for the perfect coffee strength with each cup. And once you're finished, the entire device is self-cleaning; just add some water and a dash of vinegar to the tank and press the button to run the coffee maker through its own thorough cleaning cycle.

While the K-cup method is always convenient, it's really no substitute for freshly ground beans, so the included Sboly coffee grinder offers the gourmet drinking option for the best possible cup. The stainless steel blade inside grinds the bean both sharply and evenly with a simple adjustment to determine how coarse or how fine you want your grounds.

And while this grinder is an obvious lifesaver for coffee drinkers, it's also a multi-use device, capable of dicing nuts, spices, salt, and more for all your culinary adventures.

Right now, the Sboly Single-Serve Coffee Maker and Coffee Grinder tandem are more than 20 percent off their regular price, a $69 value now on sale for just $54.95.

Prices subject to change.