The Protean wall light is one of the coolest pieces of home décor and is over 40% off

We're always looking for something with that wow factor. That item with a little something extra that stops people in their tracks and demands attention. And trust us; when you see the equivalent of a solar eclipse burst through the wall of your living space, the allure of the Protean Color Changing Wall Light becomes crystal clear.

On its face, this minimalist lamp is simply a wall light. But no matter quite where you hang this undeniable piece of home decor, this unusual work will cast its unearthly glow on your space and sets the mood quite nicely, whether you're hosting a get-together with friends or just a quiet night in.

This award-winning design crafted from high-quality aluminum with a sleek metal finish attaches easily to the wall in any room. But when this unusual creation comes to life, bouncing indirect light off your wall with over 16 million different color and rotation options, its power becomes clear.

Using high-efficiency LEDs, users leverage the remote control to create their own unique lighting palette, a customized lighting experience that can be shaped to fit any space. From a monochromatic glow to a variable speed color cycle to adjustable dimming, users can shape the light to the mood they want, all while the shatterproof, water-resistant light serves up 50,000 hours of incredible color. You can even position the Protean right on your ceiling to diffuse its unique indirect light overhead and around you. Seriously … you've never seen anything quite like this.

You can check out the effect that the Protean Color Changing Wall Light has for yourself by picking one up now at more than 40 percent off its retail price. Regularly $139, this vibrant feast for the eyes is now available for a whole lot less, just $79.95.

Prices subject to change.