The Gravita is a trippy lamp that shines while levitating in thin air

"Dude, your lamp is broken." "No. No, dude, it is not." Perhaps the greatest lure of the Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp is that at a glance, it doesn't look like it should work at all. But it also packs in some other useful twists to go along with its unquestioned uniqueness, making it an absolutely genius desk accessory that legitimately might spend as much time drawing stares as it does lighting your space.

With a base, neck, and bulb, this lamp couldn't get more minimalist if it tried. Actually, it's so minimalist, it appears to be missing pieces, like the part that connects the bulb to, well, anything. But that's where the magic kicks in with this eye-catching lamp, which generated nearly 20 times its original financial goal during its phenomenally popular Kickstarter campaign.

It is, in a word, all about the magnets. Electromagnets are positioned in the base, at the top of the lamp, and even in the lightbulb itself so that with just the right balance, magnetic suspension leaves the bulb literally levitating in mid-air. And with induction, a touch sends power right through to the bulb, lighting the lamp when it doesn't seem like it should be able to.

And in case you're worried, the shock, shatter, dust, and water-resistant LED bulb is made from tempered salinite and automatically attaches to the magnetic upper base in case of bumps or blackouts. So if you're concerned a slight nudge will leave you with shattered glass everywhere, don't be. The lamp comes with a distinctive Edison-style bulb, casting a soothingly warm glow that's easy on the eyes.

If it just did its cool levitating trick, the Gravita would already be an easy purchase. But if it's going to sit on your desk, it's going to have to do more than just look pretty, so this lamp also comes with a few hidden tricks up its sleeve. 

It has built-in Bluetooth speakers in the base that can pair with your device to deliver crystal clear audio. The base also serves as a wireless charging pad, delivering power to any Qi-enabled device you lay across it. It even has a pair of USB-A and USB-C charging ports to serve more traditional charging options for your other power-starved devices. All from a power-efficient lamp, you can expect to survive up to 20 years and shine for more than 50,000 hours.

Right now, you can add the Gravita Levitating Smart Lamp to your home decor at a third off its regular price. Usually $134, it's now on sale for just $89.99.

Prices subject to change.