Markup Hero can screenshot and annotate anything you find online in seconds

Considering how easy it is to do most things in our technologically advanced world, it's still fairly shocking how difficult it can still be at times to do something relatively simple — like present an idea.

Say you saw a photo online with a piece of art in the background that you'd like to feature on your website. If you wanted to bring the rest of your website team onboard, how would you do that? Maybe you'd try to save the image as a JPEG. Since that often won't work, maybe you could do a screen capture of the photo and save it to your desktop. Then, you can attach the image in an email or a text and write a few sentences explaining your entire idea and what you're envisioning. Of course, you'll have to explain that no, you don't want the whole photo, and yes, you're just talking about the artwork, and yes, you can find the photo at this link…

Before you know it, you've spent 30 minutes trying to make this whole byzantine process work. With a tool like the Markup Hero Screenshot and Annotation app, that workflow gets handled nearly instantly.

With Markup Hero, everything gets immeasurably easier. Created for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome, users can use the screenshot app or the image-PDF uploader to immediately capture an image, then use the built-in markup features to add quick notes right on the image in seconds.

Optimized for mobile, images can be cropped and resized easily, while annotations are quickly editable with basic shapes like arrows, rectangles, ovals, highlight strokes, and others, then placed with drag and drop simplicity. With a finished markup, users can save it as an image or PDF, share a link with an image preview in texts or messaging apps like Slack, Discord, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and more, or drop it directly to their clipboard.

Any user can access all the markups and annotations with a click, make edits, save changes, or even remove all the markups entirely. It's also easy to organize annotations through titles, collections, history, or even with custom privacy settings.

The Markup Hero Screenshot and Annotation app can streamline your entire communication process, with a 2-year subscription now on sale at 60 percent off, down to only $48.

Prices subject to change.