RoboKiller eliminates 99% of spam phone calls, but that's not why spam callers hate it

One of the few silver linings of America's pandemic era was seeing an overall decline in one of the biggest nuisances of life in our modern age: spam phone calls and texts. In April 2020, Americans were only beset by 3 billion robocalls, a number that sounds huge — and is — but still was the lowest monthly total dating back to 2018.

However, our reprieve appears over. By this February, that number had bounced all the way back to pre-pandemic heights with 4.6 billion fake calls, on pace as a nation to receive 51 billion robocalls by the end of 2021. That's 51 billion times that someone has to stop what they're doing, look at their phone, roll their eyes, and wish that spammers would stop wasting their time.

However, you don't have to go into this war on fraud phone callers unarmed. RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker is ready to take up arms for you, with features that promise to knock out virtually all those bogus car warranty, free trip, interest rate reduction, and weight-loss scams.

Once you install the app, RoboKiller is driven by its own predictive call blocking algorithm, a tactic that offers automatic protection from a global list of more than 500 million known phone scams and over 1.1 million spam numbers. 

In fact, RoboKiller boasts a 99 percent block rate for eliminating virtually any and all spam calls. The algorithm is so good that RoboKiller actually intercepts that fake call in less than one-hundredth of a second, so fast that your phone never even rings.

As great as that is, RoboKiller doesn't just stop at not wasting your time. It goes the extra mile, actually answering the call and wasting the time of those scam callers on the other end! While the automation is a blessing, RoboKiller also grants members full customization of their phone logs, allowing users to create their own personalized block and allow lists, a personalized A.I. call screener, pause call blocking, and more.

As for spam texts, you're covered there as well with RoboKiller, which touts a 95 percent kill rate on those annoying text interruptions.

Right now, you can enjoy three years of RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker protection at half off its regular price. Regularly $119, there's an extra $10 price drop on top of this deal's already healthy discount, lowering your final price to only $59.99.

Prices subject to change