These training courses are essential to startup CEOs seeking venture capital

Do you have a team in place? Have you scoped out your competition? Do you know the right level of funding you need? And most importantly, why should I give you money when so many others are looking for the same thing? Those are all questions an investor will often ask a startup entrepreneur — and that founder better have those answers to earn the financial backing a fledgling company needs. 

Securing funding to get a new business off the ground is one of the most important decisions any founder can make, so the training in The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle can be crucial to the ultimate success or failure of the whole enterprise.

The seven-course, 17-hour training guide can be the playbook any newly-minted business head needs to get started, featuring a healthy dose of business strategy analysis along with a full 360-degree view of raising investment capital to get that business launched from a position of strength.

It all starts with the Strategy MBA: Business Strategy from Startup to CEO course. Although built for first-timers, this training doesn't shy away from the complete stuff, offering an MBA-level education on concepts like market growth, strategic planning, and industry analysis, essential business strategies, and how to customize a strategy for use with your particular business idea.

The rest of the bundle leans heavily into the true lifeblood of any young startup: venture capital and dealing with investors. The courses range from how to launch a successful funding round in Startups: Get Pitching for Funding Masterclass to evaluating the true financial needs of a still-emerging company with Capital Raising for Entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Startup Essentials for Founders explains the six critical development areas for any business, as well as 36 problems to watch for as a new enterprise takes off.

The package concludes with three courses taking a deeper look at venture capital, exploring some of the investment expectations many CEOs misunderstand as well as some important specifics like liquidation preferences for dealing with investors if the business never fits its footing in the market.

At less than $6 per course, The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle is on sale now for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.