This 16-foot endoscopic camera makes home improvement projects a breeze

There's a plumbing problem somewhere inside your walls. There's something blocking the garbage disposal. That missing sock has got to be hiding out back behind the dryer. And what the heck is that noise up in that crawlspace or attic?

Your home is full of mysteries. Not too long ago, that would have required a resident to brave the unknown, stick a hand inside someplace and feel around sightlessly in hopes of finding a leak or a missing item. Or you might launch a mad blind expedition, tearing into walls, moving appliances, and generally making a giant mess over something that could very easily be nothing.

It would all be so much simpler if you could just see what you were doing. Armed with equipment like this wireless HD endoscope camera from Tech Zebra, home improvement detectives can at least get an eyeful of what they're facing.

Designed to work with Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices, this camera is how you get into all those tight spaces you'd never see otherwise. The cam syncs easily to your device via Wi-Fi to deliver a crystal clear HD view. 

And this is more than just a camera with an extended neck. This is a true endoscopic look, with the camera poised on the end of a cable that stretches up to 16.5 feet long. The cable is flexible, yet semi-rigid enough for users to maneuver it into any number of confined, dark, or low light spots. With the 8 adjustable LED lights encircling the camera tip, visibility definitely won't be an issue either.

Whether you're handling automobile maintenance, machine repair, HVAC and pipe inspection, or any number of other household chores, this cam will let you see live streaming images of your work field so you'll always know what you're getting into before you jump in sight unseen.

This wireless HD endoscope camera from Tech Zebra retails for $129, but shoppers can save over 60 percent off their purchase and land this cam now for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.