This web development crash course can open new career paths, and it's on sale

It's never been easier to build a website with one of those all-in-one services that turns web creation into a drag-and-drop affair. While those options are great for just getting a page up and online quickly, that cookie-cutter approach to building online doesn't always offer much room for innovation and crafting a truly unique web experience.

That's why the skills of a qualified and talented web developer will likely never fall out of fashion. Between many web developers working from home, truly tapping into their full creativity, and being paid handsomely for their work, it's still a solid career path for anyone looking to create something entirely new on the web.

With the training in The 2021 Superstar Web Development and Design Bundle, students will not only learn the skills to become a full-fledged, well-compensated web creator, but they'll do it by paying exactly what they want for the privilege.

This collection features over 150 hours of training content covering all the topics any budding web developer needs to know from basic HTML and page coding to graphic design, user experience, and beyond. 

With this training, customers can pay literally any price they want to immediately earn access to two key web development courses. First, HTML Web Development Crash Course is built for first-timers just learning the basics of digital website building. This step-by-step guide walks users through the fundamentals of programming, how HTML drives site development, the ins and outs of CSS and JavaScript and all the introductory knowledge to get a hands-on grip over the procedure. 

Then, Crash Course On Graphic Design explores the aesthetics of web creation, including building your own digital graphics, knowing the difference between various image file types, understanding basic image copyright rules, learning to use photo editor Pixlr, and more.

From that double-barreled launching pad, shoppers can take their training a step further. By matching the average price paid by all the customers who bought this collection, users unlock an additional six courses, with deeper insight into full-stack web development, the basics of UI/UX design, how to use fundamental tools like jQuery, and more.

The complete 2021 Superstar Web Development and Design Bundle would usually cost almost $1,600, but with this offer, it's all available now at your price, which almost certainly will mean pennies on the dollar.

Prices subject to change.