Charities beg America to stop giving them trash

Goodwill is very grateful for everything that you do, America, but would also like to remind you that it's not a fucking landfill.

"I'm careful not to shake my finger at donors because without them, we wouldn't have a business model," said Megan Fink, a marketing executive at Palmetto Goodwill, which operates 31 stores in South Carolina. "But we are trying to educate."

In Wisconsin and Illinois, stores have reported an influx of flammable and hazardous donations, including lead acid batteries. Those items increase the stores' costs because they must be be disposed of by a waste removal company in an environmentally friendly way, said Julie Deming, a merchandising director at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, which operates 100 Goodwill stores in southeastern Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area.d

I gave a load of stuff to Goodwill a few months ago—all in at least fair condition!—and someone had indeed dumped a number of partially dismembered naked barbie dolls in the toy donation box and I stared at them a while wondering why that was a thing.