SelectTV organizes all your streaming and entertainment options in one place

A decade ago, most TV viewers were exasperated by spiraling cable costs and the feeling they were being slowly strangled by their cable company. To this day, it's no surprise that half of the 10 companies with the worst negative responses to their customer service last year were all cable and satellite TV providers. Of course, with the way most TV viewers are stacking up streaming service subscriptions these days, it may not be long before we're all wistful for the old days of cable.

While costs are going up (and will likely continue to go up), just trying to organize all those services is almost as irritating as the surging costs. The SelectTV streaming app can help make some sense of all your subscriptions, putting all your viewing options together into what they call the world's most comprehensive digital media guide. 

With SelectTV, you can start with the 2 million video links they organize every day, including over 100,000 free and pay-per-view movie titles and the latest episodes from major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, History, A&E, and more. 

By pressing My Subscriptions, users can also add all of their paid streaming services and with a touch, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the rest are all added into the viewing guides in one cohesive easy to read grid. In the pay-per-view section, SelectTV will find the movie you want and compile all the rental and purchase offers from all the various services so you can get the content you want at the lowest possible price.

In addition to those half-million TV shows and movies, SelectTV also offers 150 channels of constant live entertainment, a 24/7 live cavalcade of news, sports, entertainment, and family-friendly choices. That includes access to many of the local stations in your area as well.

There are even over 30,000 streaming radio stations with constant news, sports, and music just a click away. SelectTV is also available pretty much anywhere you can watch your content, from desktops and laptops to mobile devices to web-enabled TV and even gaming consoles.

Bottom line — SelectTV is the sheriff that can bring law and order to your streaming Wild West.

Right now, you can line up a lifetime of SelectTV's concierge services at almost 80 percent off its regular price, only $99.99 before this deal runs out.

Prices subject to change.