Officers mock prisoner as they crush him to death: "You shouldn't be able to breathe, you stupid bastard"

Video shows officers at the Marshall County Jail in Lewisburg, Tennessee, taunting William Jennette until he died during a violent and angry effort to "restrain" him. They crush him under their weight, push his face into the ground, bend his legs so far that they touch his own back, and mock him as he screams. At one point Jennette says he can't breathe.

But a female officer was not sympathetic.

"You shouldn't be able to breathe, you stupid bastard," she exclaimed. Officers stayed on Jennette's back and even bent his legs to his back, until finally one officer said be careful of suffocating him.

"Easy, easy — remember asphyxiation, guys."

Another officer responded, "That's why I'm not on his lungs, to let him breathe." Jennette's last words were: "I'm good." But an officer with his knee on Jennette's back talked back to him.

"No, you ain't good. You're going to lay right there for a fucking minute," the officer said.

Watch the video, if you can stomach it. A killing, plain and simple.