J.R. Williams is a pop-art treasure

Check out the latest work from J. R. Williams, an American cartoonist, animator, and fine artist. I first discovered Williams' comics while reading Weirdo magazine, one of my all-time favorite comic publications. I love the playfulness and underground comix influence in Williams' most recent drawings.

Looking at Williams' weird creatures and characters always puts me in the mood to open up my own sketchbook and experiment.

Williams' also runs an awesome retro toy Instagram called JR's Junkyard, and it's one of my favorite accounts that I follow. He posts pictures of all types of rad vintage toys such as Garbage Pail Kids Art, Popeye bubble pipes, Pee Wee Herman dolls, photos of people in monster masks, and more. For people who dig old toys, there is endless inspiration and eye-candy on this account.