Please stop calling 911 about cicadas

As the plague of 17-year cicadas descends across the eastern and midwestern United States, officials in Union County, Georgia ask that residents stop calling 911 over the bugs' infernal noise. From a Union County Fire/Rescue & EMA post on Facebook:

Union County E911 is receiving multiple 911 calls for "alarms" in the neighborhood. More than likely these "alarms" are not alarms at all but a bug, Brood X. This brood of cicadas emerges every 17 years and is endemic in most of the eastern United States. They also have a range of different sounds they can produce, making them some of the loudest of all insects. It is often difficult to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and can sound like a vehicle or home alarm system. 

image: Pmjacoby (CC BY-SA 4.0)