Watch: pedestrian nonchalantly continues through rubble after wall collapses in street right by him

In this doorbell footage from Christchurch in England, a brick gable wall collapses into the street below, missing a pedestrian by mere feet. The man simply walks on, barely adjusting his pace to pick through the rubble now strewn across Hyde Mews.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue said one crew worked with a structural engineer to make the property and area safe, after it was called at 12:10 BST on 21 May. A car was badly damaged in the collapse. The fire service confirmed no-one was injured.

As an aside: that house looks something thrown up a century or more ago, but according to the BBC is only a few years old. The wretched quality of recently-built housing in England is something the locals are having a hard time grasping, but the consequenses are real—if only, today, for that poor Ford Fiesta.