Save $85 on the Firepod, an all-in-one pizza oven, BBQ grill, and griddle for Memorial Day

There's nobody who doesn't love pizza. At least, nobody you'd trust, anyway. It's a universally adored foodstuff that most of us would probably eat morning, noon, and night if our diets weren't a concern. The only problem with most pizza ovens (as if anything that makes pizza could actually be a real problem) is that they're kind of one-trick ponies. Sure, they make pizza, but what if you want literally anything else? Do you get a pizza oven that only makes, you know, pizza?

While it's not a horrible idea, it's an even better option to zero in a utility player like the Firepod Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven. It's a cooking beast that not only pumps out amazing homemade pizza that can trump your corner pizzeria, but it even has a few extra tricks up its sleeve to make it a true culinary multi-threat.

Crafted from a thick steel casing, this dual cooking system and modular oven can tackle all manner of meal prep. If you're thinking pizza, the Firepod's 17,000 BTUs preheat the oven in 10 minutes and can reach a scalding 800 degrees. It's centered around a gas-powered stainless steel burner for instant heat, with twin stones that create an air gap diffusing direct heat from cooking the pizza base too quickly. The reflector above the stones directs heat back down to cook the toppings, while the top vent allows just the right airflow for the heat to circulate, giving your pizza an even, uniform cook.

And while you could literally eat your pizza creations for every meal, the Firepod presents expanded options, including a double-sided cast iron griddle and grill for cooking loads of additional items. Chefs can fire up the smooth griddle surface for pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, and more, or flip to the ribbed side and grill up some amazing burgers, steaks, seafood, veggies, and scores of other meals.

Suited for both indoor and outdoor cooking, you can set up this convertible oven virtually anywhere and start knocking out fantastic eats as fast as you can fire it up.

Best of all, the Firepod Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven is discounted this week with this Memorial Day deal, knocking the price down to just $314.97.

Prices subject to change.