This lamp is great for drawing late at night

I recently moved into an apartment that has no light fixtures in the living room ceiling. I use my living room as my art studio and often like to draw at night time, so this was a bit of a problem for me. After spending some time trying to find the right living room lamp, I decided on this one by TaoTronics. I love the quality of their headphones, so I figured they would make a good lamp, too. FYI artists and people who need a bright lamp: this is the best drawing light I've used for my nighttime sketch sessions — it fully lights my paper and the living room. It also has a cool, minimalist look. My favorite thing about it is that it comes with a little remote that allows you to change the color and brightness of either light. The lights also rotate 180 degrees, so you can adjust them to your needs. This makes it perfect for my at-home art studio.