I'm using a great free service called JustWatch to manage my streaming needs

The transition from cable to streaming has given us the ability to watch whatever we want whenever we want. Of course, there are now countless streaming services, and finding the thing you want to watch can be an exercise in frustration. Just Watch is the answer. Search for any show or movie and JustWatch will show you which free and paid services it is on. 

While the basic search is handy, having an account and using the apps is where JustWatch shines. With a free account, you can indicate the services you subscribe to and only those results will be displayed when you search. With a paid pro account, you gain additional search parameters, as well as the ability to hide titles you have already watched or disliked.

The other nuisance JustWatch can help with is keeping up with shows you are watching or movies you want to see. Tell it what shows you are watching, and it can alert you when a new episode is available or a movie has shown up on one of the services you use. The alerts often lag until the day after a show airs, but it is still a handy reminder. JustWatch has apps for Android and iOS (plus AppleTV), smart TVs, and FireTV, but not Roku. When you find the show or movie you want to watch, you can click on it to open it up in the appropriate app. First-world problems are just first-world problems, but it's still nice to solve them.

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