Save 25% on the AirChill, a personal cooler, humidifier, and purifier all-in-one

If you live in a home without central air, it isn't even the summer heat that's so unbearable. No, it's the sweating. The dripping. The utter, utter grossness. The sense that no matter how you try to escape it, the heat will find you and wring every last drop of moisture from your body. 

Wet, sticky, matted clothes are bad enough, so for those who anticipate a battle to stay dry during the upcoming months, there are options to help turn the tide back in your favor. The Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler is one of those options, a 4-in-1 personal cooling solution that cools, humidifies, and purifies your immediate space with hyper-efficiency.

The cool, minimalistic Scandinavian design is almost spartan, but at only 7 inches square, the results of this mini powerhouse play at twice its size. The unit is driven by a high-speed, 9-blade fan that produces a steady circulation of air and rapid cooling. Using its evaporative cooling system, the fan gathers in warm, dry air, cycles it through water in an evaporative pad, then uses the fan to expel the now cooled air back into your space.

While that process provides cooling, it has the added benefit of also trapping dust, particulates, and other forms of airborne contaminants in the water, effectively pushing scrubbed air back into your room. Just change out the water tank filter every few months and you'll enjoy both cooler and cleaner air every day.

At night, the quiet 35dB fan won't ever disturb your sleep, while the built-in LED touchscreen allows users to choose from 7 different colors to serve as a backlight. It even acts as a nightlight of sorts, casting a soft glow over your space while the cooling silently continues.

Retailing for $99, not only can you grab a Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler now, but thanks to this Memorial Day Sale, you can also save nearly 25 percent off the regular price. That brings the price down to just $75.97.

Prices subject to change.