This touchscreen monitor is a fun, useful first Raspberry Pi programming project

Part of the universal appeal of the single-board Raspberry Pi microcomputer is its nearly limitless potential. As one tiny board, the Pi can be programmed and used as the engine to complete a whole host of computing projects, making it virtually as limitless as your imagination.

Of course, part of the problem many users face while dealing with the Pi is that same limitlessness. It's tough deciding where to start, but the UPerfect Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor helps build in some of that missing structure, offering a stunning HD touchscreen that uses increased connectivity and a host of generous features to serve as a great housing for a Pi, or even as a stellar standalone monitor in its own right.

The UPerfect is essentially built for the Pi, so you can take off the back of the monitor, slide your Pi right inside, and connect it via USB or more permanently with good soldering. The monitor features punchy 1366×768 resolution, and precise 10-point capacitive touch, which is a real improvement over the usual 5-point function of similar competitors. This touch function also has no displacement and remains fully responsive whether you're working in portrait mode or landscape mode.

With the Pi in place, this screen gives you the ability to jump several steps ahead in any programming project, making it much easier to access the board, code, and test your results. Plus, the UPerfect offers enough helpful extras and accessories that it practically feels like it's its own computer, including dual built-in speakers, a cooling fan to displace heat, and even a convenient stand so you can work easily and simply. 

No Pi? No problem! This monitor also syncs easily to your smartphone, tablet, or other handheld devices, offering a wider viewing option for those looking to watch a video or get some work done without putting their eyes through the wringer.

Right now, the UPerfect Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor is available at almost 15 percent off its regular price, now on sale for just $145.99.

Prices subject to change.