GOP's Adam Kinzinger repeatedly hits Trump with an insult he hates most: "loser"

When an interview runs 17 minutes long, there will most likely be a few flat moments. But in this chat between CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kinzinger – later joined by reporter Dana Bash – every minute is captivating as Kinzinger aggressively goes after the ludicrous direction his party has taken.

But in a nutshell, Kinzinger, one of the few Republicans standing up against the conspiratorial "garbage" that has infiltrated his party, isn't afraid – like most of his GQP associates are – to speak his still-intact mind. In fact, "The vast majority of Republican members of Congress don't believe this garbage, this conspiracy stuff," he says (around 4:10).

Although it's all engaging, the most fun part of the intervew is when Kinzinger uses Trump's favorite insult, "loser," against the ex-president himself. Responding to Trump's "little press release that nobody covers" in which Trump calls Kinzinger a "loser," Kinzinger says, "I've never lost an election. He has."

"He's the only loser in that mix, and we're trying to grab onto him as if he's somehow the ticket to the future," Kinzinger continues. "And he is instead obsessed with the fact that he lost again at something. He's down there obsessing about the fact that he's a loser. I'm sorry you're a loser. But you lost." (10:00)

Via Huff Post