This deep-dive course package can teach you American Sign Language for under $20

A Chicago-area kindergarten teacher is teaching it to her young students. A new AI-driven game is teaching it to families. And Apple is recognizing it with staff support in all of its retail outlets.

Only Spanish and French are more widely studied languages in the U.S. than American Sign Language. With more and more people using ASL in their everyday lives, opportunities for those who know ASL are rising as well. With the training in The Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle, students can add this invaluable tool to their professional skillset — or, even more importantly, just communicate with more people in our rapidly expanding world.

The collection breaks down virtually anything and everything a new ASL student needs to know over 21 courses and more than 55 hours of intensive training. 

As with any learning, it's usually best to start with the basic pieces, starting with the ASL: The Manual Alphabet course. Crafted for first-time signers, the training lays out the most basic fundamentals of ASL, from signing dos and don'ts to recognizing individual letters to signing multiple letters and short words. 

That instruction advances to a sub-set of courses centered on essential phrases as a student's letters and words start expanding to become full thoughts and sentences. There's even a whole course in ASL: Parent and Child Phrases to help build communication with young hearing-impaired kids.

With basic vocabulary growing, further coursework gets more specialized, covering specific word groups that everyone should know and understand. There's a course in learning words and phrases around food and another focused on jobs. There's one covering pronouns, countries, animals, colors, and action verbs. An ASL: Personality Q&A course starts tying some of those areas together, prompting students to answer questions about themselves utilizing all of their learning.

But there's no real substitute for the one-on-one conversations that everyone has every day. The Tom Loves Ruth and Holly Arrested Kurt courses put all of a student's training to the test as learners work through signing all the pieces of a unique situation or story. With these courses, ASL students find out exactly where they stand so they'll know what areas of language learning need more work before they're fully conversant in this unique language.

The Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle includes nearly $4,200 worth of in-depth ASL training, but right now, this complete collection is on sale at less than $1 per course, just $19.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.