Learn game development with 3 free courses and 30 courses for just $20

When you say you're ready to learn a new skill, how ready are you really? Sometimes, the urge prompts enough curiosity for an interested student to try a course or two. Or maybe you're the all-in type, ready to dive headlong into everything there is to learn about a subject and drink in as much as possible.

No matter your approach to engaging with new ideas, if you've been interested in actually building your own video games or at least understanding how the process is done, The Ultimate Learn Game Development Bundle can whet your whistle. 

This package offers each student either the light overview or the complete immersive experience they're looking for in this ultra-creative, ultra-competitive field. This central bundle brings together 20 different courses, each organized around bringing a different gaming task to life. Each course comes from the vast galaxy of learning options available through the Zenva Academy, notching over 400,000 students in a wide range of e-learning areas.

This collection offers a solid introductory point for first-timers, including training that isn't just project-based gaming tasks but is actually gets students up to speed in some core programming skills as well. Across more than 28 hours of content, students learn basic Python and JavaScript skills, then apply them using some of the world's most powerful game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Godot.

In one course, learners build a basic first-person shooter game. In another, they're building an RPG adventure game. In one training round, students will build their own smart security camera for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, then create a turn-based game in a multi-player format.

From building real-world apps to exploring the foundations of 3D game development in Godot, from crafting a top-down, 2D micro-RPG in Unity, then a turn-based, micro-strategy game about building and managing a colony on Mars, this training constantly challenges users to add new skills to their library of talents. 

And while this 20-course Ultimate Learn Game Development Bundle is available for just $20, almost 80 percent off its regular price, users can also choose exactly how extensively their training will go. There are also pared-down versions of this training incorporating just five courses ($1), seven courses ($5), or 10 courses ($10), as well as an expanded 30-course version on sale for just $30. Or, you can even dabble for free with a simple three-course edition that's available at absolutely no cost.

Prices subject to change.