Learn GitOps — and why it's important — with this 11-course training bundle

Not too long ago, you'd probably never heard of DevOps before. But over the past few years, this culture of automating and integrating software development and IT pros to build, test, and release apps with greater speeds and reliability has quickly become a mainstay in most development pipelines. Fueled by the runaway success of DevOps, it's no wonder that related systems are being adopted everywhere.

One such new feeder system to increased success is GitOps, which sounds a lot like DevOps, but it's all centered around Git, one of the most popular systems for tracking changes during software development. With the training in The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle, students can check out the tools and steps that are making GitOps so popular and find ways of incorporating that process into their own workflows.

Over 11 courses packed with 100 hours of in-depth training, students will get the full download on everything Git and GitOps, from the basics of the process down to understanding the individual apps and other components that play such a large role in this type of development cycle.

Understanding GitOps starts with knowing the pieces that make up that methodology, which is why several courses break down some of the key elements. Learn to Code with Python starts at the programming level with baseline training in that popular coding language, while The Quickest 2021 Guide to Develop Your Web without Code Skills explains getting a website working as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Of course, no overview of GitOps can go far without a thorough understanding of Git itself. That's why no fewer than four courses help explain all the pieces of using Git and GitHub on development projects. Git Essentials for Beginners and Git and GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp opens the training at a starter level, while courses like Git and GitHub Version Control and Collaboration lay a framework for using Git to make sure catastrophic errors never crush a build or your timeline.

Then, other courses get into some of the other critical tools for developing a continuous deployment process, including Kubernetes, Git SQL, Heroku, and more.

The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle features 11 courses worth of impactful training, and you can grab the whole bundle for under $3.25 per course, or only $34.99.

Prices subject to change.