The Fireflower is an architect-designed fire pit and grill, and it's over $90 off

A grill and fire pit are the virtual centerpieces of any summer outdoor event. Unfortunately, most end up being pretty haphazard structures, wood stacked on top of sand or dirt, all lit ablaze with the hope nothing gets out of hand. Then there's the super-ashy cleanup…

David Grisham loved enjoying those nights by the fire, but the cumbersome nature of transporting and using most portable fire pits was a serious drain on the fun. As an architect and designer, Grisham took a swing at the problem himself, coming up with an ingeniously engineered, highly portable solution for easy outside adventuring by the fire, the Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill.

Part of the brilliance of the Fireflower is that it's so ridiculously simple. The pit is made up of three triangular 10 gauge stainless steel metal sheets that are less than 2 feet across. But once the set is assembled into their easy-to-build triptych, users have a durable, high quality, and rustproof bin to start a slightly elevated, contained, and protected blaze. Slide a fourth metal sheet over the top and the whole thing is now a grill for all your camp, beach, backyard, or tailgate cooking.

The Fireflower comes with a set of Velcro-padded handles and a pair of leather gloves, so your hands always stay protected during assembly or disassembly of those hot metal sheets. In their regular room temperature state, the sheets slide back into a flat stack, making it easy and compact enough to keep them in a trunk or even under a vehicle seat for rapid-fire pit deployment almost anywhere. 

The elegantly simple design also makes the plates incredibly easy to clean to avoid all that built-up, caked-up, charred crud that gathers on most portable pits and grills.

Regularly $299, the Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill is already $40 off, but when you take an added 20 percent Father's Day Sale discount with the code WELOVEDAD during checkout, it drops down to only $207.99.

Prices subject to change.