This razor blade dryer can help your favorite blades last more than a year

In the grand scheme of the universe, guys don't really have a ton to complain about when it comes to personal grooming and self-maintenance. Sure, there are always a few mostly minor inconveniences here and there, but when considering the insane number of hoops women have to jump through to look and feel their best every day, you got off pretty darn easy. 

However, the cost of constantly replacing razor blades is definitely an annoyance no guy enjoys. And it usually isn't the dulling of blades or the raging manliness of your stubble that sends all these blades to an early grave. It's the same problem that's killed metal-based machines for decades: moisture. Luckily, The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer was designed to tackle that particular problem — and it works, actually helping a blade that users might regularly toss out after a week or two survive for more than a year.

Normally, after a blade is rinsed and exposed to moisture for a while, oxidation sets in, causing rust to start forming and usually prompting a quick discard. Therefore, if you can protect your razor from prolonged moisture, you stave off rust, extend the life of your blade, and save yourself a few bucks by keeping sharp effective blades alive longer.

That's where the BLEW comes in. This countertop unit is almost like a hairdryer for your razor blades that you can activate after each use. Your blade slides into the holder, which uses a small heated fan to dry out your razor and prevent destructive oxidation. During the process, the blade is also hit with a UV light that sanitizes the shaving surface. Together, those steps eliminate the dullness, rusting, and chipping that usually kills blades, allowing the average BLEW-treated razor to deliver close shaves for more than 12 months.

The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer retails for $59, but along with the current $10 off discount, you can save another 20 percent off right now as part of the ongoing Father's Day Sale. Using code WELOVEDAD will save you an additional 20%, bringing your final total to just $35.99.

Prices are subject to change.