Take the guesswork out of cooking with 20% off a MeatStick X wireless thermometer

You've probably manned a grill or two in your day. You've stood over enough burning coals and seared enough animal flesh to have a pretty good idea of whether a slab of meat is properly cooked or needs some more time over the fire. But … do you really?

E. coli contamination in ground beef makes almost 100,000 Americans sick each year, leading to 3,200 hospitalizations, 31 deaths, and over $405 million in healthcare costs. And Consumer Reports found 97 percent of raw chicken breast purchased in stores "harbored bacteria that could make you sick."

So, how confident are you feeling about your powers of detection now? Rather than rolling the dice, instruments like The MeatStick X make it incredibly easy to know with 100 percent certainty that a piece of meat is thoroughly cooked and ready to be served.

The MeatStick X makes the cooking process virtually foolproof, using a dual-sensor system to measure both the ambient and internal temperature of the meat. The ceramic handle sensor can display and withstand up to 572°F, while the internal sensor shows internal meat temperature up to 212ºF, so there's never any guesswork.

This wireless thermometer syncs easily to the MeatStick app on your phone or tablet, with a built-in Bluetooth signal repeater for monitoring the state of your cooking from up to 260 feet away. 

The app streamlines the entire cooking process, including an onboard cook list for beef, chicken, turkey, pork, goose, fish, and lamb that walks grillmasters through the proper setup, then lets users monitor the cooking in real-time. The MeatStick X is even equipped with a sophisticated algorithm that calibrates the meat and temperature to calculate exactly how much time it needs to stay on the grill before it's ready to serve.

The MeatStick is dishwasher, sous-vide, and even deep fryer safe, super easy to clean, and sports a battery performance of at least 24 hours for even the longest, lowest, and slowest of cooks.

The MeatStick X Wireless Meat Thermometer is on sale for $97.99, but since this is an item most dads would likely flip over, you can take an additional 20% off with Father's Day coupon WELOVEDAD during checkout, dropping the total to just $78.39.

Prices subject to change.