Orboot Earth takes kids on a brilliant AR tour around the world

It's no wonder so many adults are fascinated by world travel. From the time we're small children, living in a world that often doesn't extend far beyond our home, family, and neighborhood, the thought of all the amazing places on planet Earth with their fantastic views, incredible wildlife, eye-opening customs, and more is magical. It opens a world of possibility for a child that even a lifetime of globe-hopping often can't fully capture.

Globes can give kids a geographic view of where all those exotic places really are, but they don't offer a true sense of what those worlds are like or the wonders you can find there. With the Orboot Earth Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids, the orb becomes a very real portal for exploration to all corners of our incredible planet.

An award-winning educational toy engineered for kids between 4 and 10 years old, the 10-inch globe looks just like that old-school globe you looked at as a kid, albeit without country names and borders. But when used with the interactive Orboot Earth app on any tablet or smartphone, the globe digitally springs to life, inviting kids to scour the world and quench their curiosity, learning all about geography, environmental science, general knowledge, social sciences, and maybe even a little cultural sensitivity too.

Armed with their included passport and smart device, kids can embark on immersive augmented reality trips around the world, zooming in on more than 400 global highlights with over 1,000 cool facts to intrigue and illuminate.

Kids scan a region, touch a 3D wonder, and they're introduced to visual storytelling, music, animal facts, voice interactions, world quizzes, globe puzzles, and challenges that bring every inch of the Earth right to their door. From world cultures to delicious cuisines, from monuments and inventions to animals and detailed maps, this is how a kid safely explores their world and starts asking the questions that can launch a lifetime of discovery.

On sale for $54.99, you can save an extra $5 off the already discounted price of the Orboot Earth Augmented Reality Interactive Globe by entering the codeword ORBOOT during checkout. With the extra discount, the final price of this toy/travel guide falls to only $49.99.

Prices subject to change.