This digital voice-activated recorder captures audio notes, interviews, and more

While smartphones and other devices have reached world-class heights for capturing images and even video at up to stunning 4K quality, they still leave a lot to be desired in the audio department. That's because while companies have engaged in a two-decade arms race to constantly one-up each other for the biggest, best camera available, most are still including a very low-end microphone.

Instead of reaching to attach external microphones and processors and extra editing abilities, the best way to improve your capture quality is to just get a device made for recording clean, crisp, punchy digital audio. Thankfully, that's now possible with pocket-sized devices like the Dictopro X100 Digital Voice-Activated Recorder, a mini dictaphone unit that can record meetings, lectures, or interviews with a sound quality that puts smartphone audio to shame.

At less than 4 inches long and weighing under 3 oz., the X100 is as mobile as any smartphone, rocking a high-quality aluminum body that fits in a palm while still feeling strong and sturdy. In another advancement over your smartphone, the unit features a pair of ultra-sensitive microphones, calibrated for crystal clear recordings from up to 33 ft. Just set it up on a table or countertop and users can capture their discussions without interference or a loss of fidelity.

Plus, the X100 is equipped with its own dynamic noise reduction to help focus the recording on the sound you want to hear and not environmental noise. With voice activation, users don't have to hit a record button to start the capture and with 8GB of internal memory, this workhorse can store up to 700 hours of recordings.

Recording in either MP3 or WAV format, the X100 also plays back in MP3, APE, or FLAC with a built-in speaker which can also play music as well as recordings or any other MP3 file you want. Audio files are all easily transferable via USB with simple drag-and-drop functionality. And all the unit's controls are accessible through the bright color LCD display.

Users are big fans of the Dictopro X100, giving this recorder a 4.1 out of 5-star rating in more than 2,000 Amazon customer reviews.

Right now, the Dictopro X100 Digital Voice-Activated Recorder is available at a few dollars off its retail price, on sale now for just $35.99.

Prices subject to change.