Computer games to look forward to this year

PC Gamer summarizes its best 2021 picks on Windows and MacOS from the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, as does Eurogamer (which includes console picks) and Gizmodo (focusing on nerdy stuff).

In previous years, we focused our awards on E3 games we've actually been able to play. E3 2021 was all-digital, which meant fewer opportunities to play demos, so we didn't make that a criteria this year—which made it even harder to narrow down our favorites. We'll be posting about other games we thought looked cool throughout the next week, and there are many more exciting games in our list of all the games we saw at E3 2021 (Bethesda's Starfield among them). 

I'm most eager for two indie releases, Death Trash (out this week!) and Sable (out later in the summer).