These displays turn your laptop into a dual-screen or tri-screen productivity powerhouse

There are a ton of logical, analytically driven reasons to get a second screen monitor for your laptop. According to the University of Utah, a second monitor can save each person 2.5 hours a day if they use it for all of their business-related tasks. Another study concluded there was an average 42 percent increase in productivity when a worker uses multiple displays.

Of course, the most important reason has nothing to do with stats or work efficiency. The best reason to add a second — or even a third — monitor to your laptop work center is just because it looks and feels amazingly cool. 

The Ofiyaa Portable Dual Screen or Tri Screen displays make that abundantly clear, expanding your available computer desktop and workspace for all the important practical reasons while laying out a sprawling canvas for expanded video viewing, gaming, and general fun that's tough to match.

This plug-and-play, multi-functional extra screen display stands ready to boost all of your multitasking to new levels. With the scalable bracket, the unit can be safely clamped to the top of your laptop screen. When unfurled, you can reveal either one or two 11.6-inch screens flanking your main laptop monitor.

With a 16:9 FHD high-definition display and full 1080p resolution, these screens can either show different material on your expanded desktop or can be turned around for use as a presentation monitor, showing separate material.

Along with independent brightness, sound, contrast, and other controls, the monitors also sport a whole range of connectivity options, featuring USB, USB-C, and HDMI ports to sync up all sorts of other devices. You can even plug in your smartphone to get a larger phone display or just to keep it powered up.

You can double or triple your available workspace now with either the Ofiyaa Portable Dual Screen Display or the Ofiyaa Portable Tri Screen Display. Right now, the dual-screen option is available at $50 off the regular price, down to only $249.99. Or you can go the full three-display route and get the tri-screen setup for $399.99, a savings of $100.  

Prices subject to change.