Watch Mike Pence speak over hecklers as they shout "traitor!"

Mike Pence got booed and called "traitor" today while speaking to an audience of religious conservatives at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's annual Road to Majority conference in Orlando, Florida. Although the former vice president acted as a milquetoast "yes man" every minute of every day for the four long years that Trump bumbled in the White House, Trump's base hasn't forgiven Pence for certifying Trump's election loss to Joe Biden.

At first the crowd applauded Pence, but after one person screamed "traitor!" 25 seconds in, others followed, nearly drowning him out. Before his appearance on stage, according to The Guardian, one of the attendees in the venue's corridor – a MAGA capped gentleman named Rick Hurley – shouted "We need to start fighting!" and "We need to stop being so damned nice. What the hell's going on? Why is Pence coming today? Donald Trump has his pen in his back still."

From The Guardian:

Before being taken aside by police, he also remarked: "I'm ready to fight. I'm going to boo him off stage. I'll take the bullet. I'll walk to the front of the stage and look him in the eye and and say, 'What are you doing here?'

In an interview, Hurley said he had been at the US Capitol on 6 January. "I want to know why Pence is here today." he said. "He stabbed Donald Trump in the back and took the coins like Judas."

The hecklers were escorted out by police, allowing Pence to spew his propaganda – including a list of all of Trump's so-called "achievements" – "from supreme court appointments to coronavirus vaccines" – without interruption.