The AquaSprouts Garden is a fascinating, self-contained world, and it can even make you salad

It's not often that life comes into such extreme focus that you can see it all playing out right in front of your eyes. And it certainly doesn't happen often right on your desktop. Or on a window sill. Or perched on your coffee table.

Yet, that's the joy of the AquaSprouts Garden. Wired called it "the most adorable self-contained ecosystem," which just might be the most on-the-nose phrase ever. Because this custom-modeled, single-piece garden bed that attaches easily to a 10-gallon fish tank is ready to showcase the mysteries and wonders of life for you on a daily basis. And all you have to do is look.

The beauty of this 28-inch ecosystem is it's entirely self-sustaining. Well, once you get the ball rolling, of course. 

It's all hydroponics happening here. You plant fruit or veggies in the garden grow-bed, then set up the removable light bar that replicates natural light. The fish in the tank produce waste, which mixes with the water, then gets pumped into the special expanded clay growing medium that serves as a durable soil replacement, supporting the plant roots and wicking moisture. It also provides ample surface area for bacteria to grow, which converts the fish waste into nutrients for the plants.

That waste feeds the plants, which not only helps your garden grow big and strong but also cleans the water that protects the fish. If all that makes you want to sing  out some Circle of Life, you'd be dead right.

You do still have to feed the fish, but other than that, it's a self-sustaining loop that puts flora and fauna in perfect sync, all in one admittedly adorable package. Grow a variety of veggies, herbs, greens, and decorative plants all year long, watch the fish do their thing, and know this is nature distilled to its essence, anywhere you've got room for a small aquarium. It sure beats an 8-story fish farm.

The AquaSprouts Garden is on sale now at a price that even Amazon can't touch. Regularly $179, it's available now for over $30 off at just $148.98.

Prices subject to change.