Get a Sam's Club membership for only $20 this weekend only

You may not have heard about it, but earlier this month, America took another important step toward restoring life to normalcy in our post-COVID world: Sam's Club announced samples were back. Look, it might not seem like a huge milestone, but nobody can deny that noshing on a bite of a new cold cut variety or mini wontons or a crumble cake or even an old favorite like Doritos as you stroll the aisles is a highlight of any Sam's Club experience.

And now that they're handing out free food as you shop once again, it's probably a good time to start thinking about finally joining up with the membership-only warehouse shopping giant. To help bring new shoppers into the joys of one-stop buying hubs, Sam's Club is extending a tempting offer for new members: a 1-year membership to Sam's Club for just $19.99 with enough extras to practically reduce the 12-month membership charge down to almost nothing.

For those on the Sam's Club train, value propositions are nothing new. The chain has grown over the past four decades to become one of the premier warehouse retailers anywhere, stocking everything from groceries and fresh produce to electronics, home furnishings, and even stuff like car tires by offering super-sized quantities at nearly wholesale prices.

So, let's break down this deal. For $19.99, a new member gets access to all of Sam's Club retail deals for the next 12 months. Following a single purchase, new members will also receive a pair of Sam's Club's signature items for free: a seasoned rotisserie chicken (a $4.98 value) and an 8-count package of their gourmet cupcakes, valued at $7.98.

Members also get a complimentary household card which tacks on even more savings from some of Sam's Club's already low-priced items. Just with the chicken and cupcakes alone, you're barely spending over $1 a month for this membership. Add on the household card and, .well, Sam's Club is almost paying you to join!

The deal is only available to first-time Sam's Club members, so all you vets looking to re-up are out of luck. But you can still gift a $19.99 Sam's Club membership to a family member or friend, so everybody can still take advantage of this stellar offer.

Prices subject to change.