These four deals can get your fitness regimen headed on the right track

For many, the past year has been a gut-punch. Unfortunately, the more sequestered and sedentary lifestyle that many have been forced to live means there's probably more gut to punch as well. 

With the world reopening, it's time to get off the couch and get serious about achieving some new fitness goals. Right now, you can pick up a quartet of items in the Boing Boing Store all aimed at getting users in the best shape of their lives. And with discounts of up to 27 percent off these items, they're all available now at prices even lower than you'll find on Amazon.

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Fitness Strap Trainer – $39.99; originally $47

If you're ready to smash out a workout, the Nossk Twin Pro Suspension Fitness Strap Trainer is a home gym in itself. Built around a pair of extra-strong, military-grade, 8-foot adjustable training straps, you can fire up with a whole host of resistance training exercises aimed at dropping weight, toning muscles, and improving strength and flexibility. The built-in door anchor tubes make it easy to attach the straps to a door, a post, or even a tree and get a good sweat going.

Fitbit Ionic™ GPS Fitness Smartwatch – $185; originally $249

You can also monitor the state of your workout with the Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch. This smartwatch that Tom's Guide says "almost has it all" comes with a kitchen's sink of features, including all-day activity tracking to monitor your steps, distance covered, calories burned, hourly activities, and even your downtime. It also keeps an eye on what that activity means for your health in the form of an optical heart rate monitor for continuous, automatic heart rate data. It even does all those standard smart device functions like notifications, news and weather alerts, music storage, and more.

AIR-C + HEAT: Full Leg Massage + Heat Treatment – $169.99; originally $189

After that strenuous workout, you can get out all the muscle kinks and soreness with the Reathlete Full Leg Massager and Heat Treatment. For heavy exercise or just those who spend too many hours on their feet, these personalized compression therapy sleeves work wonders, loosening up tight muscles to relieve pain, stimulate blood flow, and bring down inflammation. Users can cycle through three intensity levels and three different massage modes, including a targeted heat feature to help loosen and relax the muscles and alleviate tension.

PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick – $179.99; originally $249

Finally, you can relax while still getting a little physical exercise with the PhiGolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator. Syncing this app to your TV turns your screen into a true golf simulator, with a golf club sporting a state-of-the-art sensor that monitors your swing and translates it perfectly into the gameplay. This immersive game lets players get in a round of golf at home or anywhere, practicing under real-world conditions with real-world results. Users can also enjoy a roster of courses simulating the best golf venues in the world while playing with family or friends in PhiGolf's cool multiplayer mode. It's a perfect way to unwind while still being up and active while you do it.

Prices subject to change.