Capitol rioter allowed to go on vacation after making "divine special appearance" in court

Magistrate Judge Zia M. Faruqui allowed alleged insurrectionist Pauline Bauer some vacation time. After spending the night in jail for being found in contempt of court, Bauer returned to make a "divine special appearance" before the judge.

At the hearing on June 21, 2021, Ms. Bauer stated that she was making a "divine special appearance" as a "free living soul" and "a woman."2 Ms. Bauer also cited several passages from religious scripture as the basis for her statements. Ms. Bauer also sought to read a document into the record. The Court accepted the document, indicating that it would enter it into the record but rejected Ms. Bauer's request that she be allowed to read the 37- page document during the hearing. Upon information and belief, that document sets out various references to God, citations to Bible passages, and Constitutional Amendments as the basis for Ms. Bauer's statements to the Court.

via Raw Story

Bauer, who called for the hanging of Nancy Pelosi, will be allowed to drive out to Mount Rushmore to celebrate July 4th with family.