How are you beating the heat this summer? This portable, adjustable fan can help

When a heatwave like the one that baked the western United States earlier this month is prompting adjectives like apocalyptic, you know it's hot. It's June, so we all expect the heat to ratchet up. But 129 degrees? Yeah, that qualifies as something akin to the end of the world.

We're not going to tell you that one device is going to save your world from ungodly heat like that, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the Inno Portable Fan is taking the fight to stay cool right to the frontlines, which basically means anywhere and everywhere that you are.

This ultra-powerful 4-speed fan has a lot of kick for a portable unit, as well as a lot of modification options to fit your particular space and situation. First and foremost, the advanced motor and unique blade design team up to produce a significant airflow wherever you choose to turn this baby loose. And it's virtually noiseless, so it's great for trying to relax in peace or even catch some sleep and still remain cool.

The Inno Fan is not only portable, it's fully foldable and adjustable. You can perch it on a countertop in its most compact form of just 5 inches high, or ratchet up the extender and make the fan entirely free-standing at up to nearly three feet high.

Controlled via remote, the fan is also fully cordless, allowing it to go inside or outside easily without worrying about where you're going to plug it. With a battery life of up to 24 hours, it's got more than enough juice to keep the heat at bay through most — or even all of your day.

Plus, the Inno Fan rocks a few features you really wouldn't expect from a portable fan, including a built-in diffuser that delivers a fine mist to spread the scents from essential oils to relieve stress, tension, or generally just calm you down. It also sports a dual-level night light to cast a gentle glow even after the sun goes down.

The Inno Portable Fan with Diffuser is regularly sold for $69, but with the current deal, it's now over 25 percent off that price, dropping the final cost for this blast of cool relaxation just $50.99.

Prices subject to change.