Two naked men on Sydney beach ran from a deer, got lost, then fined for breaking lockdown

Two gentlemen broke new lockdown restrictions in Sydney, Australia by spending time at a nude beach. While there, they spotted a deer, panicked, and staggered into a forest buck naked. The two unlucky John Does then got lost, prompting a helicopter search. Finally, they were fined $1,000 fur "breaching public health orders amid coronavirus outbreak," according to The Guardian.

From The Guardian:

It is unclear how the deer startled the men, and what made them dash into the bush to escape it.

Authorities located a 30-year-old man naked and carrying a backpack on the walking track near Lady Wakehurst Drive in the Royal national park, about 40km south of Sydney's city centre.

After a further search, they were also able to find a 49-year-old man, who was "partially clothed" according to a statement from NSW police.

Because of a Covid outbreak caused, at least in part, by the Delta variant, 5 million Sydney residents were ordered to stay at home from Saturday to July 9, with the exception of essential destinations such as work, the grocery store, and medical facilities – nude beaches were not included as "essential."

Image by Intermountain Forest Service / Flickr