Listen to Enya's "Watermark" cut up, looped, and transformed into stunning new ambient work

Enya's Watermark (1988) drew from Celtic, New Age, and ambient styles resulting in a crossover commercial hit album for the former Clannad keyboardist/background vocalist. Now, composer Florian T M Zeisig has taken a cassette of the album, cut it up into tiny bits, looped and processed the parts, and recomposed it into a gorgeous new album that hints at the original but is simultaneously something quite new and fresh. It's titled You Look So Serious. Beautiful work. Listen below.

'You Look So Serious' is the result of a painstaking process, cutting 'Watermark' into 426, four second long cassette tape loops. Loops were chosen, arranged and mixed together to re-compose the material in order to translate and reinterpret Enya's hyper-produced and widespread success.

(via Kottke)
top image: transformation of Enya "Watermark" album art